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Why do we fall out of love?

This is a serious problem that majority of people face in their lives. Firstly, like every young couples, people fall in love with each other and show their love. But after few months people’s love fade away, very few people always love each other, whereas majority always stop loving each other.

Love end in a relationship not because of only one reason, there are various reasons why love goes away from a relationship. Some of the main reasons why love fades away are:

1. The major reason why we fall out of love is, we think that life will always be same. We always think that love is only by proposing each other, going outside, going to parties together etc.

But this mentality is not right, many times after marriage or when we come into serious relationship, we get responsibilities of children, family and career. Sometimes we have to neglect to going out to the parties, bars etc. Remember that family is only the true love.

2. Social media is generating expectations in the life of couples, like they see fake couples on internet and try to live like them. But when their relationship don’t go like couples on internet, then they ponder that, love doesn’t exist between them. But reality is those instagram couple are not what actually they show on the camera. In reality they are actually same like every normal couple have.

3. Sometimes, many partners have only the intension to have a physical relationship, when it is done, they start ignoring and stop loving their soulmate.

We fall out of love because we compare our love with the love of social media couples. But believe me the love we see on the internet is totally fake, they do this to gain likes and earn fame. But in reality they live like same as we live.