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What should i focus on to live a happy life?

There are many ways by which human being can live a happy life in this world. So, i am going to share some of the ways to be happy that i have learned from my experiences.

We all work to earn money in our life. But after earning money we ponder that we will get lot’s of happiness. Because according to people money is everything and it can buy all happiness. But in reality it is not true, after getting money, the problems of our life increase.

First of all, to find happiness, do that work which you love to do. To elaborate, pursue a career in the field of activity, that you love to do. It can be any hobby, passion or any activity that you enjoy. Find passion in your life and work on it, automatically you will get money and you will never be in depression or despair from your work.

Secondly, no matter how good you earn in life, but if you choose the wrong life partner then it can ruin your whole life. Wrong partner will always fight with you when you will return home from office work. Also a wrong life partner will not support you in your tough times and will take away all your happiness in seconds. Therefore, it is compulsory to choose the right partner in life.

To live a happy life you should focus on, not to get involved in work which you don’t like. Follow your passion or do what you enjoy doing. And don’t choose wrong partner, wrong partner will take away all your happiness, so choosing the right partner is crucial in life.