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What is the difference between a wise man and a fool?

There are abundance of differences between fools and wise people, and if we will try to cover all of those, then i assume that they will never be end.

But now i am going to give you the major difference that i have seen in my life between fools and wise people.

Firstly, i will talk about fools. Person who is fool always think about today’s pleasure. To elaborate, fool people always want instant pleasure. Such as, they want to eat tasty sweet and they want instant pleasure but they don’t ponder about their future, that in future they may get diseases and they don’t want to get out from comfort zone etc.
We can also say these type of people want instant results but don’t want to do hardwork.

Now, talking about wise people. These type of people don’t get into the trap of quick pleasure, they always think about their future and the outcomes. They don’t do the activities which give them instant pleasure like, eating junk food or masturbating etc. They always make big goals, they sacrifice their today’s hapiness to get happiness in future.

The difference between a wise man and a fool is, a fool always like instant pleasure. For example, eating junk food, not doing hard work, staying in comfort zone and masturbating etc. Whereas wise people neglect instant happiness and work for the future long term happiness.