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What is our purpose?

Purpose is very crucial in everybody’s life and play a major role in making life more interesting. But according to some people, purpose for each individual is different and it matters individual to individual.

Now i am going to write about the common purpose which majority of people want to fullfill and including me too.

1. The major purpose of our life should be to always remain happy wherever is it possible.

2. We will get happiness when we will earn well, because we can’t survive in this life without money. So, we should work hard and should have enough money by which we can survive happily.

3. Finding the work that we love to do should also be the purpose of our life because we have to work for whole life, so choose work that you like to enjoy.

4. You can only live happy if your partner is wise. Select right partner for you, who can support in you in your thick and thin.

5. Helping others, doing good and right works can only give you satisfaction. Don’t think bad about anyone and by this you can live a satisfied life.

6. Chanting god name should also be our purpose of our life.

The major purpose of our life is to live a life with full of happiness and satisfaction. This can be only achieved by finding the work we love to do, finding wise partner and doing good work.