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What are the best ways to improve oneself?

There are lots of ways by which anyone can improve. But according to me, as i see, approximately 10 percentage people want to change their selves by changing their habits, behaviour etc. Rest remaining 90 percent people always blame on others and always want to change others, not to their selves.

So, i you have decided to change yourself, then congratulations, you come under those 10 person people who are wise.

Now, i am going to discuss some of the ways by which you can improve yourself!

1. Starting self improvement journey is very beneficial to improve yourself. For instance, read self improvement books, watch improvement videos and consume more and more self improvement content on the internet.

2. Create new good habits and stick to them.

3. Read atleast daily one quote by which you can not get distracted from your self improvement journey.

4. Speak less. If you will do this then seriously people will value you.

5. Also, behaviour of person tells that the person is educated or not. So, please work on your behaviour.

6. Read about wise people, their habits and their lifestyle etc.

7. Lastly, this is a long journey, don’t quit if you don’t get results. Because results will definitely come. Until you should be patience.

The best ways to improve oneself is by starting a self improvement journey. Which includes, reading self improvement books, watching improvement videos, working on habits, working on your behaviour and improving yourself each day, by 1 percent.