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What are some ways to stay calm?

We often get into situations where we should remain calm, but unfortunately we get angry without the concern of own self.
This is a serious problem, which majority of people face in life.

Here are few steps, which will definitely help you in staying calm!

1. Whenever you get angry or something else, if you want to stay calm, then take a long breath by closing your eyes. I know you will laugh by reading this tip, but believe me it definitely works for me.

2. Meditation will help you to stay calm, every morning give atleast five minutes for meditation. In short term you will not see immense results, but after few months you will feel that, you will have control over your anger.

3. Sitting alone under a tree or enjoying the nature alone, will definitely help you in staying calm. But remember if you will go to parks, or to any nature place with people or friends, then i do not guarantee you that this trick will work.

4. Because friends or people never make us calm. When we are with friends, we talk about different people, we speak more. So this is not the sign of calmness. Please sit alone or go to parks or to beautiful places alone.

5. Reading self improvement books, learning about habits of various wise people will also help you to cope with this problem.

The ways to stay calm are, taking long breath when you get angry, enjoy the nature by sitting alone (not with people or friends), reading habits of wise people and meditation etc. These all tips will definitely help you to staying calm in every situation.