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Should we rebuild a relationship once trust has been broken?

According to me, trust is crucial in every relationship and play a major role. Actually, whole relationship revolves around trust.

A successful relationship is only that where, both the partners are able to be trusted. Means, we can’t trust our partner if he or she don’t have a quality of honesty or truth.

So, it is must for both of the partners to always speak truth.

Now, let we know that we should rebuilt our relationship or not by looking over two scenarios:

1. Many time we trust hardly on our partner and sometimes we have to suffer, because sometimes our partner may speak lie to us and when we get to know about that lie, we ponder that our partner is lier. But remember, when its upto silly lies, don’t take serious.
But if you want to take it serious, then sit and talk with your partner and tell him or her not to repeat it again.

I know if your partner is wise, then they will apologies the mistake and will not repeat it again.

So, in this silly case, you should build your relationship again.

2. But when you or your partner breaked a big trust. For example, having relationship with another partner. Then this is a serious case.
Only one chance should be given to partner only if the partner is apologising. But if partner is not feeling sorry, then please don’t give a second chance.

Remember that, only one chance is enough when your partner cheats, not more that that.

Relationship should be rebuilt once the trust has been broken or maybe not. We can build a relationship again, when a partner break the silly trust. For example, telling lie. But a relationship shouldn’t be rebuilt when a partner cheats us hardly. For example, having relationship with other person.