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How many times should i write my manifestation?

It’s not how many times you write manifestation. Lot’s of people have misunderstanding about writing many times, manifestation actually do not work like that.

Its depends on quality not quantity. You should write your manifestation with full heart and dedication. When writing manifestation, always create a image of your goal in your mind. Visualise the goal and then write.

But believe me only writing manifestation will also not work out, you also need to work on you goals. For example, hardwork on your goals that you want to achieve. When you will hardwork then it will be a type of product for you and manifestation will only help as a promoting tool for your goal.

So, it is crucial to working hard on your goal and use manifestation as a technique to achieve that goal fast.

It do not depend on how many times you should write your manifestation, it depends on quality of your thoughts while writing the manifestation. Also only writing manifestation will not work out, you should do hardwork on your goals, manifestation will work as a promoting tool for your hardwork.