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How do you get over negative thoughts fast and on your own?

Negative thoughts often come in our mind and like everyone, we also try to remove negative thoughts from our life. But the reality is that, the more we try to remove negative thoughts from our mind, the more negative thoughts come in our mind. And this is only the problem that we all face in our life.

So, to overcome negative thoughts first you need to understand how the brain works with negative thoughts.

When we have negative thoughts, we try to remove those thoughts completely and we think that after removing this negativity we will become a more positive and confident person. But the brain works differently. To elaborate, when we try to overcome negative thoughts, we get more negative thoughts. this is the wrong approach that we follow. Instead, we should not focus on removing negative thoughts, we should try to add more and more positive thoughts. When we do this, our positive thoughts will automatically suppress negative thoughts and we will reach the point where we will be filled with positive thoughts only.

So, try to add postive thoughts to remove negative ones, do not try to remove negative thoughts. Otherwise you will get into the trap of mind.

To get over your negative thoughts fast by your own, you should not focus on removing negative thoughts, if you do this then more and more negative thoughts will arise. Instead, try adding more positive thoughts to your life, which will automatically suppress negative thoughts.