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How do i reduce timepass in daily life?

In ancient days, people used to do timepass by following their hobbies, playing outside in parks, meeting with friends physically. These types of activities helps them in doing something effective in their life.

But in this modern era, we are doing timepass by scrolling on social media, playing games on the internet etc.

So, this is actually the reality!

Now, i am going to give some crucial tips by which you can reduce your timepass in daily life and you can do something productive in life:

1. Following hobby is the greatest way to do time pass efficiently. Because when you follow your hobby, it gives you abundance of happiness and sometimes help you to nurture your skills by which you can grow in life. So instead scrolling on social media follow this tip.

2. To eliminate timepass in your life, you should make a “to do list” by which you can keep an eye on your schedule on the daily basis and you can work on your goals.

3. Setting goal in life is so vital. So you should create a goal or aim of your life and work on it on the daily basis.

4. In your free time, consuming self improvement content will do your time pass but also will help you to enhance your personality and growth of your life.

5. Another time wasting activity we do these days is, watching short form content or short videos on internet by scrolling. We spend our many hours in watching these videos because we become addicted to these social media platforms. So, instead of watching short videos, you should watch long videos so that you can collect right information according to your choice. And also long videos are not addictive and will help you to learn new things.

You can reduce timepass in daily life by avoiding excessive use of social media and watching short videos. Instead you can work on your hobbies, you can set life goals and creating “to do list” will help you in reducing timepass.