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How do i get rid of over-attached people?

Many times we meet types of people in life who always try to attach with us forcely. At that time we feel very irritating because after trying everything that person never want to leave us.

In this case what you need to do is, when that person ask you anything, don’t respond so quickly. Give late answers to that person who is over-attaching with you. Give answers of the person in a third time. Slowly slowly that person will realise that you are not interested anymore.

But remember, that person will ask you many times about the reason of not responding, but at that time don’t give exact answer and you can say like, you’re depressed, sad or these days you don’t like to talk with anybody.

This method will not work immediately it will take time. When you will ignore that person many times, after some days that person will slowly leave your life and find new companion.

You can get rid of over-attached people by ignoring that person many times. For example, when a over-attached person ask you unnecessary questions, then respond that person late or in third time. When you will do this, the person will realise that you are no longer interested in that person.