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How do i calm down?

Many times we get into the situation and we get angry without our concern. Don’t worry, this is a common problem that majority of people face in their life, also in past times me too.

If you’re looking for an instant tip to stay calm, then i have a suggestion for you. Every action of our body is built by habits, that means right now you don’t have a habit of staying calm. So, the tips that i am going to give you will work, but you will fail many times. But once you build the habit of staying calm, then seriously you will be a great calm person.

The most important tips is, whenever you get angry or maybe you face any situation, then please take a deep breath by closing your eyes. I know you will laugh by hearing this tip, but believe me this tip helped me a lot in my journey.

Some another ways by which you can remain calm are:

1. Meditation for at least 5 minutes a day.

2. Counting numbers in mind from one to five when you get angry.

3. Reduce usage of short videos on internet, because these short videos increases frustration among us. Instead watch long videos.

4. Good sleep may also help you to stay calm.

You can calm down yourself by taking a long breath by closing eyes in situations, doing meditation every day, by taking enough sleep and also the technique of counting numbers will help you to calm down when you get into any anger situation.