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How can i get healthy and happy?

Offcourse, you can get a happy and healthy life. But remember that your health and happiness depends on various factors and you should always be careful about the reason by which people live a perfect life.

Firstly, i will provide you some key factors which will help you to get healthy:
1. Good diet will definitely help you to maintain good health.
2. Avoid stress as much as possible. Because it is the only thing which can destroy you whole life.
3. Take well sleep. The problem is these days people only follow money, career etc. I have seen many rich people have a lots of money, but actually their health is worst. Their body look like they even don’t have food to eat. Yes this is truth.
So, my advice is don’t follow success and money blindly. Please look over your health too.
Secondly, now i am going to share some tips of happiness:
1. You can only be happy if you are in a right relationship, means choose you life partner wisely. Because most of the life’s happiness you can get only from your partner. If your partner is not right, then he or she will take all your happiness and joy.
2. Please find the work that gives you peace, or do that work which you like to do. Discover your passion and hobby in life.
3. In the end, take a name of lord, and always make a hope on god. Because prayer can give you peace and courage to live in life.
You can get healthy and happy by maintaining your health properly and to get happiness, discover passion in life, believe in prayer and choose right partner. Believe me, a single right life partner can change your life fully and can fill your life with happiness. But only right partner can.