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Does body size matter in true love?

Before talking about body size, first of all you should know about the actual definition of true love.

According to me, true love means when both the partner accept each other without looking shape, size and mainly height.

But these days people mainly look the height of the partner, beauty and many such things, only rare people believe in the beauty of heart.

I have seen, many people have built their relationship only by looking the shape of body, size and beauty. But in the end when they come in serious relationship, for first year everything goes fine but when they get responsibilities of children then they are not able to manage. Because they had seen body and shape in the relationship not the character and values of each other.

So, if your partner say you to change your body shape that means you are not in a true love. Because in true love, partner never see any shape and size, they always give priority to values, character, nature and many other good things. And also wise partner never compare their soulmate to other couples. They believe that their partner is much better that other’s partner.

Body size never matter in true love. In true love partner always look for habits, values, character and nature etc. But if your partner is asking to change you body shape, then it means you are not in a right relationship or not in a true love.